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Collection: Helene Uprichard Fiber Art

Home schooled as a child, Ashfield artist Helene Uprichard has always been an independent learner and a maker. In her late teens and early 20s she lived with a family who mined crystals, especially Herkimer Diamonds. It was there that her love of stones and gems began. As she began to experiment with wrapping stones with silver wire to bring out the beauty of each individual stone, she began creating her own jewelry.  Again, self-taught and making jewelry purely for the love of the stones. Eventually she apprenticed with a local jeweler for 2 years, learning more skills for her jewelry making. For Helene, the unpolished, raw gems are the ones she loves best. She has been making her unique jewelry for the last 20 years.

Helene's art doesn't begin and end with her jewelry! She also makes felted children's toys, hair clips and brooches. She is showing her felted acorns and Star Baby Ornaments here at Salmon Falls Gallery.
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