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Collection: Tomo Sakai

Tomo Sakai, glass    Worcester, MA

Tomo was born and raised in Nagoya, Japan, and studied glass at Tama Art University in Tokyo. Her glass journey continued in the Czech Republic, where she went for advanced training in glass engraving and coldworking.

After studying in the Czech Republic, and teaching glass in Japan, Tomo and her husband, Eric Cruze, moved to Worcester Massachusetts and established cruze+sakai studio in 2011. They work together on designing and making glass tableware, jewelry and sculpture.
Tomo teaches regularly at Worcester Center for Crafts, Corning Museum of Glass and other glass schools.
The Incalmo jewelry series evolved from experiments with combining, layering and laminating various patterns of murrini and kilnformed glass.

What is murrini?
Our jewelry is made by combining various glass pieces (called murrini in Italian), whose color and shape are created through the traditional technique of hand-pulling glass canes. When the glass pieces are fused together in the kiln, organic patterns are created, reflecting the making process.
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